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Project Management for Architects and Engineers

Workflow Manager typically saves professional service firms thousands of dollars or more annually by reducing administrative costs and ensuring you stay within budget. Workflow Manager’s A&E software allows firms to manage all project activities in one system. Proposals, estimating, scheduling, status updates, budgets, and invoices can be handled seamlessly. Integrated timekeeping allows you to always see your budget–no more waiting for outdated reports.


Win more projects with better client and project information


Dollars saved per project with reduced admin effort


Take less than 15 seconds to see your current budget, cleared expenditures, and remaining balance on each project.

Budget Tracking

  • No more waiting for outdated budget information
  • Integrate with timesheets for real-time reporting
  • See actual and estimated hours


  • Overlay all project schedules for resource planning
  • Determine task dependencies and critical path duration
  • Visualize the impact of schedule decisions


  • Estimate hours per employee, task, and phase
  • Sync tasks across the estimate, schedule, and timesheets; no more duplicate entries
  • Track direct costs and expenses


  • Easily track time with “quick-add” shortcuts
  • Review and approve time before preparing invoices
  • Document activities with daily timesheet notes

Project Tracking

  • Create custom status workflows for your team
  • Map project locations
  • View all project information from our Android and iOS apps

Proposal Management

  • Manage proposal deadlines
  • Forecast time requirements for marketing staff
  • Balance proposal efforts with active project work