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Plan, Develop, and Deliver Infrastructure Projects

Workflow Manager allows public works, engineering, and transportation departments to plan, design, and deliver infrastructure projects with seamless coordination. Simplify communication with city administrators and elected officials with easy-to-share capital improvement plans, maps, and reports. Significant cost savings can be achieved by aligning project activities and reducing the impact to the public.


Easily prepare and present capital improvement plans


Take less than 15 seconds to see your current budget, cleared expenditures, and remaining balance on each project.


Number of times data has to be entered (zero duplicate data entries)


  • Provide easy-access information to administrators and elected officials
  • Coordinate project plans with other departments
  • Provide public links to project information


  • Prepare Capital Improvement Plans
  • Lifecycle planning for pavement
  • Collect improvement needs for budget requests


  • Plan project bid schedules
  • Overlay all project schedules for resource planning
  • Manage design team deadlines


  • Organize assets in an easy-to-use database
  • Forecast capital needs based on asset condition
  • Coordinate asset maintenance with capital improvements

Project Tracking

  • Map project locations
  • Allow consultants to report progress in a shared interface
  • View all project information from our Android and iOS apps

Funding and Budgets

  • Tell a cohesive story when requesting funding
  • Communicate information about project goals
  • Provide real-time budget updates