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Project and Program Management Software

Workflow Manager DOT software is a full suite of planning, project, program, and process management tools designed to capture every aspect of DOT business. Working in one shared system allows collaboration on project scope, schedule, and budget. Workflow Manager typically saves our clients millions of dollars in operational efficiencies, asset optimization, and timely project delivery.


Save $10-15 Million Dollars ANNUALLY through asset optimization and efficient operations.


Save more than 4,000 work-hours each year with automated data entry and system integration.


Take less than 15 seconds to see your current budget, cleared expenditures, and remaining balance on each project.

Organize and Rank Projects

  • Drag and drop multi-year scheduling
  • Collect and organize project needs, ideas, and requests
  • Rank projects based on quantitative and qualitative information
  • Lifecycle planning for assets and pavement

Live Metrics

  • Live performance metrics
  • Easy, robust, and customizable reporting
  • Access all project data anytime from mobile or desktop

Shared Platform

  • Deploy enterprise-wide or with one group
  • Coordinate projects across agencies, groups, and programs
  • Millions in annual savings with streamlined delivery


  • Overlay all project schedules for resource planning
  • Determine critical path duration and tasks
  • Visualize the impact of schedule decisions

Scope and Estimate

  • Develop project scope and quantity estimates in a web interface
  • Estimate staff time and material costs for projects
  • Collect scope details in an easy-to-use, GIS-based system

Federal Programs

  • Monitor funding and federal obligation
  • Program projects based on fund allocation
  • Automate federal reporting