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Collect, Organize, and Prioritize Transportation Improvements

Workflow Manager MPO software supports transportation planning and program management. Workflow Manager organizes project needs, travel demand model results, stakeholder comments, performance data, and funding information in one system for streamlined operations. Improved internal and external transparency allows you to work more efficiently and gain buy-in from local governments and other stakeholders.


The number of projects you can evaluate and compare simultaneously in maps, lists, and tables.


Track all your federal and local funding programs in a shared system in real time.


Collaborate seamlessly with city engineers, planners, administrators, and elected officials.

Collect and Rank

  • Collect transportation needs and ideas from stakeholders
  • Rank projects based on quantitative and qualitative information
  • Maintain project data for future plan updates


  • Provide easy-access information to administrators and elected officials
  • Coordinate project plans with municipalities and other agencies
  • Provide public links to project information
  • Give real-time answers and updates to constituents


  • Organize travel demand model results in conjunction with potential projects
  • Track project status from initial idea to funding
  • Retain project ranking and justification data

Manage Funding

  • Manage funding allocation and expenditures
  • Forecast funding and project costs for fiscal planning
  • Manage grant programs


  • Create dashboards with real-time information
  • Provide data to the public and government stakeholders
  • Automate preparation of federal reports


  • Create a GIS-based vision for connecting communities
  • View and edit project information in a GIS interface
  • Overlay future projects for project coordination