Access real-time budget numbers without delays

Rank all of your projects by need and budget

Find all your projects on one shared platform

Save millions with cross-asset prioritization

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What is Workflow Manager?

Know your budget, schedule, and status in real time

  • Make informed business decisions without having to wait weeks for budget reports.
  • Compare actual hours and expenditures with project budgets.
  • Assign staff based on schedule priorities and budget availability.
  • View live performance metrics anytime on your mobile device.

Manage all projects from proposal to completion

  • Manage estimating, ranking, design, schedule, budget and construction–all in one place.
  • Keep all the project details on hand from initial scope and estimate to delivery.
  • Follow up on active projects to make sure they are delivered on time and on budget.

One shared platform for all information

  • Eliminate dependence on emails, texts, and meetings to get information.
  • Always know the answers by working in a shared platform with data tracked throughout the lifecycle of the project.
  • Collaborate across groups, with stakeholders, and with clients.
  • Save significantly—every year. DOTs save by avoiding project redundancies and supporting cross-asset prioritization. A&E’s will save by tracking billed hours, reducing admin time, and delivering under budget.

Integrate with financial systems and migrate legacy data

  • Rest easy about installation. Data can be merged seamlessly from existing databases and integrate seamlessly with other software.
  • Automate processes that require manual re-entry or paper requests.
  • Track expenses, invoices, projects, assignments, billable hours, and profitability all in one place, instead of accessing multiple sources.

Built from the ground up for infrastructure-specific industries.

  • Designed with direct input from executives, government officials, and project managers.
  • Customize and go live in a matter of minutes (A&E) or weeks (DOT, CITY, and MPO).
  • Proven high adoption rate.