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Improve Learning Outcomes and Reduce Management Effort

Workflow Manager for education supports capstone design programs in providing a real-world learning experience for students with minimal effort from professors and staff. Students can experience estimating, scheduling, timekeeping, scoping, and budget management in an industry-leading application that will help prepare them for professional careers. Professors can manage the class easily with automated online reports.


Integrated timesheets make accountability simple, without any spreadsheets or document uploads.


Integrated schedules help students understand critical path methods and task dependencies.


Real-time dashboards showing performance help students understand budget management.


  • Integrated timesheets make it easy for students to record and report time.
  • Reports allow you to see daily, weekly, and monthly hours for each group.
  • You are easily able to identify how much time is spent on each task.


  • Create task dependencies in a gantt-style schedule tool
  • Learn critical path methods
  • Visualize the impact of schedule changes
  • Easily see if the project is on track


  • Estimate hours per team member, task, and phase
  • Compare actual hours to estimated effort
  • Include hours and expenses

Budget Tracking

  • Quickly see which groups are making progress
  • View budget status based on timesheets
  • See actual and estimated hours

Project Tracking

  • Create custom status workflows for your capstone course
  • Map all project locations
  • View all project information in our Android and iOS apps

Proposal Management

  • Team-specific reports show budget, schedule, and progress
  • All information is live online–no more documents and emails going back and forth
  • In-app dashboards update in real time